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About Thatch Roof Solutions

Forty Years Experience in Roofing

With 40 personal years in roofing and nearly 20 years in thatching, I will guarantee you will love our products.

My experience started In 1998 when I travelled overseas to Bali to learn how to install Thatch Roofing. This then lead me importing and setting up a company Thatching Australia. We became the biggest importers of thatching into Australia. The importation of thatch roofing led us to some of the largest and elite thatching projects including many well known resorts and islands.

After moving to the Sunshine Coast in 2004 with my family, we established a retail business Indo Products in Sippy Downs Queensland specialising in the installation of Bali Huts, Thatch Roofing, Terracotta Shingles, Timber Shingles, Slate and Fibreglass Shingles, also carrying a large range of outdoor water features, bamboo fencing, stone flooring, garden accessories mainly from Indonesia.

We later sold Indo Products and with the wealth of experience and knowledge I gained from these businesseses led me to start the revolutionary thatching system ‘Quickthatch’ and Thatch Roof Solutions specialising in creating the South East Asian influence in the outdoor areas of Australia homes.

If you would like a Gazebo or Bali Hut rest assured we are the best in the business with a wealth of experience. Contact us by completing our contact form or call us today on 0417 725 215 for information about our products and services.

We are based on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland but have built Gazebos and Bali Huts in Brisbane and Australia wide.

Phil Bellhouse