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Get the Perfect Awning for Queensland Conditions

Ever wished you could entertain family and friends at home more often?
Maybe the physical indoor space makes it impossible?  Transform your property by adding a stylish awning from Quick Thatch Solutions and extend the indoors outdoors.

With a range of options to choose from, Thatch, Bamboo and Colorbond roofs you’ll be able to create the ultimate covered entertaining area that guests will enjoy.

Each Awning is custom built to your requirements giving you exceptional shade and protection from the sun.

Our Awnings can be attached to homes and walls.

Historically, builders have only used thatching outside and the material required a minimum pitch of 30 degrees. No longer! With Quickthatch you don’t need any pitch, and the product can be used under existing roofs and will last forever. Installation is simple; just attach the strips to any rafters and clip the Quickthatch in.

The ease of installation means nearly anyone can do it, and with the option to include false rafters as well, there are endless applications! Add it to feature walls, display panels, shop exhibitions and so much more.

Offered in standard sizes of 600mm and 28 pieces m2 and 900mm and 16 pieces m2, and with the ability to custom order, there’s a Quickthatch for every project. Lightweight at 0.25 kg per piece, shipping is fast and affordable and DIY transportation is easy.

Faster than thatching a roof the traditional way but with the same ‘wow!’ factor guaranteed, this the perfect product for home owners or builders looking to give their awnings and patios an edge.

Awnings from only $1800

Take your living area...outside

Were here to help design your Awning, contact us for a free quote